MPOS Facility

We give MPOS facility to your business customers. Customers are offered a MPOS Machine at a nominal cost through the Bank and after the registration and activation of the machine, that customers can offer this service to their customers for their business.

The debit card, credit card, EMV (RUPAY, MasterCard, and Visa) card can be operated on the MPOS machine. Customer can make cashless transactions using MPOS machine from any shop and anywhere. After using Debit Card on the MPOS machine the following charges are accepted from the shopkeeper.

Charges on Transactions
Debit Cards 0.75% on transactions up to Rs.2000.00
1.00% on transactions of Rs.2000.00 and above(1.00%)
Credit Card Standard 1.50%
Credit Card Premium 2.00%
Service Charges + GST OF 18%