Education Loan Rates

Avail our Education Loan Serves to pay your child’s Private School Fee/International School Fee/College Fee/Tuition Fee/Coaching Classes Fee.

  • Loan Limit : Maximum up to Rs.10 Lakhs
  • Loan Tenure Duration : For Loan amount Rs.3 Lakhs Loan Duration from 1 to 5 years (60 Months) For Loan amount above Rs.3 Lakhs up to Rs.10 Lakhs Loan Duration 84 Months
  • Pre-Payment Facility : Can pay additional amount apart from EMI
  • Rate of Interest : 10.99% for Loan Amount above 1 Lakh to 10 Lakhs and 12.99% for Loan Amount up to 1 Lakh (0.50% Discount on Rate of Interest for Girl Students)
  • Pre-Payment Facility : Can pay additional amount apart from EMI
  • Process Fee : 0.50% + 18% GST
  • Penalty Charges : 3% (if closed before 1 year)
  • Margin : 80% of Fee Amount

    -For Salaried Persons :
  • For Salaried Persons : Employees of reputed and financially sound organization.
  • Should be on Payroll of the Company. Confirmed service for at least one year.
  • Three months latest Salary Slip and six months Bank statement of salary account.

    -For Businessmen & Professionals :
  • Having an experience of at least one year of business.
  • I.T. Returns for last three years.
  • Six months Bank statement of Business Account.

    -Co-Applicant :
  • Spouse/Parents/Blood Relatives of the applicant can be taken as co-applicant.

    -Guarantors :
  • Two Financial strong Guarantors Required

Duly filled form with :
  • Income proof of Applicant and Guarantors
  • Residential Proof of Applicant and Guarantors
  • PAN card of Applicant and Guarantors
  • KYC of Applicant and Guarantors
  • Original Tuition/Institute/Coaching Class Fee Receipts
  • 10 PDC cheques
Other Charges :
  • One upfront EMI, Franking Charges, Personal Insurance of Borrower.
  • Borrower and Co-Borrower : For Loan Amount up to Rs. 1 Lakh – Nominal Member. Regular Membership Fees @ 2.5% of loan amount (for Secured Loan)
  • Borrower & Guarantors : Nominal Membership – For Loan Amount up to Rs. 1 Lakh Regular Membership – For Loan Amount above Rs. 1 Lakh